Cheese Tart

| Fluffy Creamy Rich Baked Cheese Tarts NYC | 


Our oozy cheese mousse is made with three types of rich cheese and cream with a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness. As for our crusts, we use double baked method in order to create crispy delicious tartlets. 

Try it when its warm, cold or room temperature for different texture and experience!


Flavors: Original, Chocolate Bomb, Japanese Matcha, Ube, Black Sesame, Blueberry, Lemon, Strawberry

Enjoy it now for an unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth cheese tart!


 "...irresistible ooze of sweet molten cheese."

Cheese Professor

 "After the first bite it’ll start to seep over in a flood of delicious filling..."

newyork simply

 "...melt-in-your-mouth good cheese tarts."

Kitchenaid Stories

 "...crisp, twice-baked pastry shells filled with whipped, sweetened fresh cheese."

NY Times